Senderos Patagonia: Join the adventure Patagonia and discover all its charm SENDEROS was created to give you the opportunity to explore Patagonia in depth. We want to share the love for our wonderful region and show the real beauty of these southern territories. We plan flexible and adaptable itineraries that fulfill all our travellers' desires. Patagonia has many activities to offer and fantastic places to explore.
SENDEROS invites you to experience Patagonia in a different way so you won't only be observers of its beauty but also part of it.
We undertake trips around Patagonia that include all its points of interest, with fantastic expeditions in Torres del Paine, Antarctica, Cape Horn, the Beagle Channel and the Cordillera Darwin. We can also offer you day trips in Tierra del Fuego, El Chaltén and El Calafate.
Moreover, our knowledge and contacts in the area allow us to organize Patagonia tours totally customized to your desires. If you'd like to do something that doesn't exist yet… we'll invent it! Challenges inspire us!

Our groups consist of up to 12 participants and ensure an excellent and personalized experience. You're always accompanied by guides very experienced in creating, organizing and guiding activities in different countries.
Your travels with us will be unforgettable.

Carlos Caballero
Hamburg – Germany
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