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Our travel philosophy is to share the love we have for nature. We organize trips to beautiful sites of nature for individuals or groups up to 12 people. These excursions  are unique in that they do not alter or damage the environment. Thus, we help to preserve these places and give future generations the opportunity to also enjoy nature's treasures.

During our tours, expeditions and excursions we give you the possibility to always travel accompanied by guides who not only serve as translators and organizers, but also are competent in all the disciplines nature has to offer. Our guides possess great knowledge and experience in kayaking, trekking, mountaineering, navigation, meteorology, geography, biology, glaciology, and history, as well as first aid and rescue. Thus, if we travel to a place where our clients want to do something that doesn't exist yet... We'll invent it!!!

SENDEROS was created by Carlos Caballero who grew up in Ushuaia where he fell in love with nature. He's an admirer of animals and plants and an enthusiast of all kinds of outdoor activities.

While studying tourism Carlos started selling excursions and quickly realized his passion for being a tour guide. For more than 6 years he has worked with the Tres Marías company, guiding boat trips on the Beagle Channel both on sailboats and motor vessels, showing people all the secrets that this region harbors. He has also worked in Norway for 5 years with Icetroll as a glacier and kayak guide during summer. He hasn't experienced winter for 7 years, but has still lived in cold areas while moving from one end of the world to the other throughout this time.

Carlos speaks Spanish, English and German. He's a glacier, kayak and trekking guide. He's experienced in sailing and motor boating and has completed both first aid and rescue courses in all kinds of terrain and conditions. You can find positive critiques about him in various travel blogs. He has also contributed to magazine articles (e.g. in National Geographic) and various TV programs like the Spanish Callejeros Viajeros.

We hope to welcome you to one of our activities and programs to show you in person what we are like and how we work.

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